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Beyond free bids

Construction and renovation projects can be an overwhelming and time-consuming undertaking for many property owners. Not knowing where to start or who to call is the most common issue consumers’ face.

We are construction and renovation consultants for Residential, Commercial and Industrial projects and our services go beyond just providing free contractor bids. Whether it’s installing a new bathroom, updating a kitchen, adding an extension, or even building your custom home or commercial property, our FREE Rénov360° service will help make your project a success.

Planning to Completion

From planning to completion, our FREE Rénov360° service will guide you through every step of your project.

  • Provide you with a budgetary estimate for your project
  • Guide you through the critical initial planning steps
  • Guide you in the preparation of detailed plans and specifications required for contractor bids
  • Recommend up to 3 qualified and reputable contractors and/or professionals from our partners network to quote on your project
  • Follow the progress of your project through completion if contracted with one of our partners

Reliable Contractors

We maintain a network of reliable and highly qualified builders, skilled trades’ people and industry professionals that can handle every aspect of your construction or renovation needs. General Contractors, painters, roofers, carpenters, electricians, landscapers, architects, etc…. to name but a few. We pre-screen each of our partners for the appropriate licensing, insurance and references so that you, the property owner, do not have to spend valuable time looking for the right contractor.

How It Works

Free Rénov360° service

Need a contractor...

Our personalized FREE Rénov360° service guides you from planning to completion!

Step 1

Understanding and planning your project 

•  Contact us by phone or submit your request online.

•  We will contact you within 24hrs to ask you a few important questions to understand the nature of your project.

•  We will guide you through the critical project planning stages.

Step 2

Requesting Contractor bids

•  We will recommend up to 3 qualified and reputable contractors and professionals from our network of pre-screened partners to quote on your project.
•  We will coordinate contractor visits at your convenience.

Step 3

Selecting Contractor

•  We will guide you in the assessment of the contractor bids.
•  Once you have selected one of our partner contractors or professionals, we will stay in touch to review progress.


Lino Colavita's photo

Lino Colavita is President and CEO of Rénov360°. With over 35 years experience in the Banking industry, he has always had a passion for the Real Estate industry and market. He has ventured in real estate investments, renovation, development and sales and, in the process, has forged solid relationships with many contractors who share his vision and commitment to excellence.

With the firm belief that clients require more than just free contractor quotes, Mr. Colavita founded Rénov360° in 2009. The company is a Quebec-based construction and renovation consulting firm for residential, commercial and/or industrial projects operating in the Greater Montreal area including North and South Shore.

The Benefits

What are the benefits of working with us?

FREE Rénov360° service

•  More than a referral service.

•  Guidance from planning through the completion of your project.

•  Personalized service.

Qualified Professionals

•  We maintain a network of qualified, reputable and dependable contractors and professionals.

•  Our contractors are screened before being included in our network.

•  They do not pay membership fees and are continuously evaluated to ensure quality workmanship.

Save Time & Money

•  We help you avoid delays.

•  We will reduce unpleasant surprises.

•  Our service will save you time and money.


Trust, it’s what we build on.


How does Rénov360° get paid if this is a free service?

You are not charged for this service because service professionals pay us a commission which they would have otherwise absorbed had they advertised and/or paid their inside sales people to acquire the contract. There are no fees or hidden costs for our customers and fees paid to us do not affect the estimate.

How can Rénov360° match me with the right service professional?

Our unique and rigorous Rénov360°service allows us to match contractors and/or service professionals to your specific project requirements and timeframes.

Am I obligated to use your service professional?

No. You are free to use the contractor of your choice. If however you do not choose a contractor from our network, our involvement in your project will end.

What is your screening process?

Rénov360° verifies the credentials of each contractor and/or service professionals including validating their licenses, performing credit checks, inquiries to the Better Business Bureau, confirmation of insurance coverage and verification of customer references. Furthermore, the performance of the contractors and service professionals is reviewed on a continual basis.

What if I am not satisfied with the work performed?

Service providers at Rénov360° have been selected because of their reputation for their quality workmanship as well as their commitment to service excellence. In the event of a dispute, we encourage the consumer to first contact the contractor to resolve the issue. However, if you are unable to find a mutual agreement, Rénov360° will intervene to try to find a solution. Keep in mind our service providers have a vested interest to ensure each customer is entirely satisfied not only to secure their standing within our network but also to insure they can continue to receive our referrals.

How is Rénov360°different than all the other companies offering FREE contractor quotes?

Rénov360° is not simply a referral service whereby contractors are dispatched to quote on your project. In fact many customers may not be at the stage where a contractor is able to provide a meaningful quote on the project. Our FREE Rénov360° service guides customers through every step of the project including providing a preliminary “high-level” project cost estimate. This allows the customer to make a more informed decision whether to proceed or to change the scope of their project. Furthermore, the complete planning activities and documents will reflect the same scope allowing contractors to bid using the same work specifications. This will essentially allow the customer to receive relevant bids from all contractors.


Request our FREE consultation and learn how we can help make your project a success!

Lino Colavita



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